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Offering online and in-class pre-medical education & free application management to over 40 Medical Schools in Europe

At London Medical Academy,  our Live Online Pre-Med courses and our In-Class Pre-Med courses prepare you for European and UK medical university entrance examinations such as the BMAT, UCAT, GAMSAT (for UK medical universities), IMAT (for Italian medical universities), MCAT (for American medical universities), or SAT tests in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. In addition to preparing you for your individual entrance exams for medical universities in Czech Rep, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Georgia & Armenia. Our key difference is that as well as being an education provider, we also offer a FREE application management service to over 40 European Medical universities for our students. We are medical doctors and academic professionals ourselves, and we’re here to guide our motivated students towards realising their dreams of becoming doctors.

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Alan from London
Now studying medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Live Online Pre-Med Course
Prepare for university entrance exams from home

Hassan from Denmark
Now studying medicine in Lithuania.

Abe from New York
Now studying dentistry in Brno, Czech Republic.

Vitor from Portugal
Now studying medicine in Romania.

Ricardo from Angola
Now studying medicine in Poland.

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