Advantages at a Glance

  1. We work with over 40 medical universities in Europe

    We work with an extensive network of internationally recognised medical universities from all over Europe ( Italy, Poland, Czech Rep, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine & Moldova ) . For all of our pre-med students we will manage their university applications free of charge (for up to 6 universities).

  2. We have no agency fees or hidden interests

    Unlike expensive UK agencies who charge high fees from students for simple application procedures, or agencies that guide students towards specific universities because they receive commission for placement.

  3. Intensive pre-med courses for optimal preparation

    Our 21-week pre-med course covers approximately 400 hours of lessons, 1,000 self-study hours, over 10,000 homework questions, and over 40 simulation exercises. This is a highly efficient way to prepare for medical school entrance exams and the first year of medical school education in the UK and Europe.

  4. Preparation for the BMAT, UCAT, MCAT and GAMSAT

    For students who want to study medicine in England, or attend a 4-year MD programme in Europe or the USA, our pre-med course covers everything needed to prepare for the BMAT, UCAT, MCAT and GAMSAT exams. Intensive exam preparation is ensured by means of weekly exercises, homework, and mock exams.

  5. Optional IMAT test prep

    Our pre-med course also covers cognitive skill questions that are covered on the IMAT test required for entrance into Italian medical schools.

  6. Money Back Guarantee

    We offer a money back guarantee to our pre-med students. We will reimburse 100% of the tuition fee to our graduates (or offer a free refresher course), if the entrance examination at a European university is not passed and entrance to medical school the following year denied, providing the pre-med course was passed with a score of 70% or more.

  7. Partner Universities

    We work closely with parter universities in countries such as Italy, Czech republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia.

  8. Optimal Preparation for First Year Of Medical School

    In addition to preparing our students for medical school entrance exams, the London Medical Academy pre-med course covers a number of subjects and topics from the first year of medical study and, in some cases, the second year.

  9. Entrance Exams In London

    For our partner universities we offer entrance exams in London, so you can take your entrance exams in one place rather than have to travel to different countries.

  10. Flexible Tuition & Scolarships

    The London Medical Academy offers a convenient payment system that allows students to pay the tuition fee in up to 5 instalments. We also consider scholarship applications based on certain personal situations.

  11. Live Online Studies

    All study material in the London Medical Academy pre-med course is available to students online, from anywhere, at any time, during and up to a year after course completion. We also have live and online courses available (through webinars) for students unable to study in London.