At the prestigious European Medical Universities, applicants must have in-depth knowledge of biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, and mathematics in order to meet the entry requirements. After intensive preparation in our pre-med course and successfully passing the exams, you will have sufficient knowledge to pass the entrance exams at 46 European Medical Universities with an English program in 12 different European countries. In addition, some of these universities may waive some entry requirements when you successfully complete our course. You also gain an advantage during the medical school interview process in that you have already demonstrated a strong interest in pursuing a medical career with your commitment to your pre-med education.
Our pre-med course does not require specific knowledge of science. Courses aim to provide reliable, fundamental knowledge in science subjects so that you can better cope with the first year of medical school studies, both academically and mentally, and can successfully complete your medical degree. The pre-med course is aimed at motivated students who may be hesitant to apply to medical universities that have a long list of scientific knowledge requirements as well as long admission wait times.
Yes. Our curriculum covers the substance of the BMAT and IMAT exams completely and goes beyond their content in many cases. Completing the intermediate and final examinations prepares you well for the entrance exams.
Our excellent and experienced lecturers all hold academic degrees in science subjects and have already taught at renowned universities. Their goal is to convey the learning content to students in intensive, small classes to prepare them for medical university studies at 46 medical universities in 12 different European countries.
In order to offer you the best possible preparation for study at 46 medical universities in 12 different European countries, our intensive pre-med course requires your full attention. Classes are held 3-4 days a week for 4-5 hours per day, which includes about 400 hours of formal lessons. In addition, students are advised to devote over 1,000 hours to self study and required to complete over 10,000 homework questions and over 40 simulation exercises.
The university may recognize your completion of our pre-med course retrospectively and offer an advantage in admission requirements. Please check with the admissions office at your chosen university. Either way, taking the London Medical Academy pre-med course during your waiting semester will better prepare you for your first year of medical school study.
The curriculum of the Overseas Medical Education Network has been in existence for over 10 years. Since its founding, more than 1000 students have successfully completed the curriculum at all of our locations.
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