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The Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) was introduced to the UK by St George’s Hospital Medical School in 1999, and is now also used by Nottingham, Swansea, Cardiff, Liverpool, Exeter and Plymouth, St Andrews (ScotGem) medical schools.

Graduates applying to five year courses at Liverpool and Plymouth are required to sit the exam. Plymouth is unique as it offered the UK’s first graduate entry programme for dentistry, for which the exam is part of the admissions criteria.

The test was initially pioneered and used in Australia in 1996 by four medical schools offering graduate entry programmes. The role of the GAMSAT Exam is to assist in the selection criteria primarily for students who are applying to study medicine on the new fast-track graduate entry programmes.

The exam draws upon a wide ranging skill set and subject knowledge, naturally aligns it to the problem-based learning environment in most medical schools. Whilst the GAMSAT Exam is predominantly multiple choice based, it places great emphasis on reasoning ability and critical thinking.

It effectively gives a 360 degree overview of your ability to master information adeptly and select relevant responses within a limited time frame. It actively encourages a lateral thinking approach, thinking ‘outside of the box’. After all, the study and practice of medicine demands the ability to sift through, interpret and make swift judgements from ever increasing quantities of information and data.

The GAMSAT test is in three sections:

Section one  (75 multiple choice questions – 100 minutes) tests skills in understanding and interpreting ideas in social and cultural contexts. Most of the source material will be in the form of written passages, but some units will utilise visual images and tables of data.

Section two ( 2 Essays – 60 minutes) assesses your ability to develop and produce ideas in writing. The task A essay is more analytical in style and focused on socio-cultural issues. Task B deals with issues of a more personal nature.

Section three (110 multiple choice questions – 170 minutes) is made up of questions from the scientific disciplines in the following proportions – Biology (40%), Chemistry (40%), Physics (20%). The level of scientific knowledge generally equates to first-year undergraduate level in Biology and Chemistry, and A level (or equivalent) for Physics. Questions are based on passages, tables and/or graphical displays of data. They measure problem solving ability within scientific scenarios, to offer hypotheses, extrapolate reasoned conclusions and identify connections between given variables.

In terms of GAMSAT scoring, the overall score is achieved as follows:

Overall Score = (1 x Section I + 1 x Section II + 2 x Section III) / 4

Scores are valid for two years. So results from September 2020 are valid for applications for 2021 and 2022 entrance.

It is worth remembering that 10 of the questions on your paper will not be marked and are trialed on each year. This means that your actual mark will be calculated from the 100 scored questions on the paper. The reason we believe ACER do this is to allow new question sets to be calibrated in terms of difficulty. It does of course mean that they may appear again in later years.


How London Medical Academy can prepare you for the GAMSAT

Our experienced team have developed our pre-med course to specifically prepare you for your GAMSAT, by familiarising you with the required content of the test, coaching you on past papers, and preparing you for time pressure – all with the aim of boosting your GAMSAT score.

If you’re applying to a medical school which requires a GAMSAT our pre-med course is here to make sure you feel confident and prepared for this important step in your medical education. Our experienced lecturers prepare you for the knowledge-based sections of the exam, as well as giving you the experience needed to deliver high-quality answers in the written section. By delivering our pre-med course in smaller class groups, we’re able to give you the personal attention needed to ensure you’re fully prepared with the necessary skills.

The numerous test simulations will also assist our students in practising efficient time management skills, so they are easily able to allocate their time effectively during the actual exam.


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