Study Medicine in the Czech Republic

Study medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine in some of the EU’s best medical schools with 8 university options.

If you want to study medicine in Europe in an old-world city, then read on to find out more about the Czech Republic’s medical universities, which have gained an international reputation for their English-language degrees in Medicine and Dentistry.

Additionally, for international students who want to study Veterinary Sciences, Masaryk University is an excellent alternative to studying in your home country.

A degree from one of the Czech universities is recognised and respected throughout the European Union, which why more and more English-speaking students from the US, UK and other countries are choosing to study medicine in he Czech Republic.

After graduation, those who study medicine in the Czech Republic are qualified to work in the UK and across Europe, and can continue to qualify for specialist training in any UK hospital.

How can LMA help you to study medicine in Europe?

We can offer you a guaranteed university place to study medicine in Europe, as well as providing a full application management and placement service. As we are an education provider, rather than a recruitment agency, our main goal is to promote your academic success.

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Our pre-med courses can help prepare you for your entrance exams and if you are unable to study in London we also have Live Online Pre-Med Courses, which allow you to study from your own home via live webinar lectures.

Admission requirements to study medicine in the Czech Republic include:

  • A general university entrance qualification
  • Oral and written aptitude tests in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics

More detailed information is available on the individual university pages. For the best preparation for your entrance exam to study medicine in Europe, we recommend taking a pre-med course, to help ensure that you will pass the exam.

Degrees to study medicine in the Czech Republic for international students are offered at the following universities: