I grew up in the Ruhr area in Germany. My name is Martina Becker and I am currently in my final year at Semmelweis University in Budapest. After my premed course, I applied to the University of Budapest, which was my first choice. The premed lecturers were excellent and caring, so much so that I passed the entrance exam with ease.

What I love about studying medicine in Budapest is that culture and history can be felt everywhere. The history of the university dates back to the 18th century. But even the city itself makes a very historical impression. Wherever you turn, that’s history. The architecture of the city, with its buildings that have stood there for centuries, is breathtaking. And the food is fantastic. I could live in the Great Market Hall with the wonderful smells and the excellent (and cheap!) food.

And there are so many great restaurants serving traditional Hungarian food like goulash, not to mention the delicious pastries. And I love to have some drinks at the Ruins Bar by the end of the week and enjoy the great atmosphere. The training is fantastic, I think that gives me good job prospects. This is my last year. I will miss the university and the friends I found during my studies. But no matter where we are, she and Budapest will always be in my heart.