Study Dentistry in Europe

LMA can prepare you for your degree and guarantee your university place to study dentistry in Europe.

A number of European countries offer the opportunity to study dentistry in Europe through their study programmes taught entirely in English. These European medical universities provide quality education that is very comparable to their UK counterparts.

A dental degree in Europe is recognised across the UK, EU, as well as other countries around the world, such as the US. Training is offered in general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, and other related fields at most schools.

In addition, professions that are dental-related, such as dental nurses, dental technicians, hygienists, and technicians can also receive training.

How can LMA help you to study dentistry in Europe?

We can offer you a guaranteed university place to study dentistry in Europe, as well as providing a full application management and placement service. As we are an education provider, rather than a recruitment agency, our main goal is to promote your academic success.

Learn about the advantages of working with LMA to get a place to study dentistry in Europe.

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Our pre-med courses can help prepare you for your entrance exams and if you are unable to study in London we also have Live Online Pre-Med Courses, which allow you to study from your own home via live webinar lectures.

Admission requirements to study dentistry in Europe

The admission criteria for the dentistry studies in Europe often vary from university to university, but usually include a focus not only on final school grades, but also specific grades in science subjects and the results of English language tests and scientific knowledge-based admission exams.
In order to be optimally prepared for your dentistry studies abroad and the entrance exams for admittance, we suggest you take a pre-med foundation course which which will help to guarantee your place.