The Riga Stradins University at a glance

  • Founded in 1950.
  • 65 study programs, including 11 in English.
  • 3 Faculties: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy.
  • 8331 enrolled students, including 2032 international students from 50 countries.
  • About 1500 international students at the medical faculty.
  • State-of-the-art Medical Education Technology Center has world-class technical facilities.
  • Lessons in small groups allow personal contact with the lecturers.
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Study Medicine in Latvia at Riga Stradins University Medicine

Founded in 1950, Riga Stradins University Medical School is one of the oldest and most traditional faculties in the country. Thanks its fine reputation and varied course offerings, many prospective students from abroad decide each year to study medicine in Riga.

Overall, the English-language study Riga medical university program  lasts 6 years (12 semesters) and employs the most modern techniques and teaching on par with other schools in Europe.

What makes the Riga Stradins University Medicine particularly attractive is the personal teaching style and the high quality of the study program. The lecturers are often renowned specialists in their area of ​​expertise and the study groups are limited to 10 people to ensure individual supervision of the course students.

Furthermore, the degree program is characterised by a high level of commitment and activity, in the form of group work and from the third year, through direct interaction with patients. The technical equipment of the faculty leaves nothing to be desired – in the Medical Education Technology Center of the Riga Stradins University, students have access to the latest technology in the medical field.

At the end of study, successful graduates receive the academic title “Medical Doctor” (MD). Those who wish to continue their education in the residency program of their selected medical specialisation can do so in Latvia, Europe, the US or Australia.

As an international student you can choose to study a degree in Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy. The medical faculty of the Riga Stradins Medical University is the oldest faculty at the university. Because of its reputation and high standing, the university is very popular among international students.

The dentistry degree at Riga Stradins University is also very highly regarded. During the first year, students will focus on general medicine courses, moving into dental medicine itself in the second year. However, the practical part of the dentistry degree will begin in the first year. Students will enjoy ultramodern facilities and interactive technology that will assist with their education.

The pharmacy degree has been offered at Riga Stradins University Medicine for the last 90 years and has made Latvia the unofficial pioneer in pharmacology. The goal of the degree program is to release students into the international job market. The lectures and teaching staff place great importance on critical thinking, and the development of autonomy. It is essential that students are kept up to date on the latest medicine available and learn the complete composition of the human anatomy to understand the biochemical processes and its changes within the body.

Study Medicine in Latvia at the University of Latvia

The history of the University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitate) dates back to 1862. It is the oldest and, with about 19,000 students, also the largest university in Latvia. The foundation of the Faculty of Medicine at this Latvia medical university began in 1919. Since then, the school has gone through many phases of its history. At times, it even closed during the occupation of the Soviet Union.

With the reopening in 1998, ambitious plans to modernize the school began and continues today.. This number of students – both from home and abroad is growing steadily from year to year.

The 6-year medical degree program at the University of Latvia is held exclusively in English and its excellence is recognised throughout the EU. In addition to the basics of human medicine and relevant subjects, students learn essential aspects such as manual skills, the preparation of an objective diagnosis, the interpretation of test results, etc.

From the 3rd year, practical experience forms an integral part of the study at the University of Latvia. Students of the Faculty of Medicine are taught in the top clinics and medical institutions in the country. At the same time, Riga medical school participants have the opportunity to gain insights into current research projects. Since lessons are organised in small groups, students always have personal contact with their teachers.

Another distinctive feature of this Riga medical university is a large number of international corporations that enable Erasmus semesters and internships abroad. Cooperation exists with medical faculties in Helsinki (Finland), Göttingen (Germany), Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and Florence (Italy), among others.

The dentistry study course at the University of Latvia takes five years to complete and is also taught entirely in English. Students will start the course with an introduction to general medicine, and then move into the specific discipline of dentistry. Students who graduate from this course will have the opportunity to work in a dental clinic or office, or may choose to take on an additional study.

The University of Latvia At A Glance

  • The foundation stone for the university was laid in 1826, the oldest university in Latvia.
  • Prestigious college with international reputation.
  • 130 study programs, 13 faculties, 20 research institutes.
  • Founding of the medical faculty in 1919.
  • Around 19,000 students at the entire university.
  • There are two faculties within the university: The Faculty of Medicine and The Faculty of Dentistry.
  • The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia employs about 160 people, including 19 professors, 26 associate professors, 20 lecturers and four visiting professors.
  • Various collaborations with other medical faculties enable internships abroad and Erasmus semesters.

Riga at a Glance

  • Suitable accommodations are easy to find if you choose not to stay at a university dormitory. Choose from single flats to shared apartment living.
  • Riga is a dynamic town and a tourist destination. Culture is a big part of everyday life in Riga. The beautiful Town Hall Square and St. Peter's Church highlight its beautiful architecture.
  • Nightlife abounds in the many clubs, restaurants, concert halls and theaters.
  • Riga is relatively cold during winter so you can enjoy ice skating and other recreational activities in the beautiful parks surrounding the town.
  • There are many festivals and one-day events throughout the year.
  • Since 1997, Riga is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.