I’ve always loved Italy. Summer vacation in Florence, long weekends in Rome. Ironically, Naples was a place I had never visited before I began medical studies at the University of Naples, Federico II, almost six years ago. I’m Nicklas and I’m from Bielefeld, Germany. I’m in my final year of medical school abroad.

I never imagined that I would study medicine in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Especially not when I realised how long I would have to wait until I got a place in Germany. My dream of becoming a doctor was already far off. But then I heard from a friend who had completed a previous pre-medicine semester and was immediately eager to learn more. For me, that was the only right decision in order to do my medical studies abroad.

With the medical foundation course I was able to prepare myself optimally for the admission examinations at one of the numerous medical faculties with English study programmes. But at first I was not sure where I wanted to go. I decided that a big city like Rome is not what I wanted. I preferred a city with a more student-friendly atmosphere. And so I chose the University of Naples, Federico II. Now, as I prepare for my final year, I can say in retrospect my study was really worth it. Especially in the past year, I had the opportunity to work directly with patients and get to know the social aspects of the medical profession. After graduation I can return to Germany or stay in Naples, although I have not yet decided!