Our expert team are here to support and manage your Medical University Applications.

Our smart-medical university placement service is designed to secure you study places at over 40 of the top medical universities in Europe with English study programmes in Medicine (Undergraduate & Graduate Entry) & Dentistry; after which, you can pursue a medical career in the UK, Europe & North America.

Our smart-medical university placement service will help secure you a study place at the universities of your choice, in the countries of your choice, which include:
Italy, Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Because of our close university partnerships, we are able to offer our smart-medical university placement service to all students, whether they undertake a pre-med course or not.

Nick Gatt

Nick Gatt is the Operations Manager for London Medical Academy and also assists students with their placement to medical universities in Europe.

Phone: 07985 744 460

Email: nick@londonmedicalacademy.co.uk


Choose from one of our three smart-medical university application packages:

Smart Package 1 - £1,299

  • All of the services above (includes up to 2 university placements)
  • Costs for this package are: £1,299

FREE for our Pre-Med course students

(*Cost may not include university application fees, which have to be paid directly to your chosen universities)

Smart Package 2 - £1,799

  • All of the services above (includes up to 3 university placements)
  • Costs for this package are: £1,799

FREE for our Pre-Med course students

(*Cost may not include university application fees, which have to be paid directly to your chosen universities)

Smart Package 3 - £1,999

  • All of the services above (includes up to 4 university placements)
  • Costs for this package are: £1,999

FREE for our Pre-Med course students

(*Cost may not include university application fees, which have to be paid directly to your chosen universities)

Our money-back guarantee

We’re proud of our reputation, which means we only place students on courses that suit them, and where their application will be successful. Once we’ve met you, our expert consultants will be able to confirm whether you meet the entrance requirements of the medical universities of your choice. If you don’t, there will be no fee payable. Our students are our clients, and we have their best interests at heart.Our smart-medical university placement service offers the best value for money in the UK, with a reliable and professional service at a fair and reasonable price.

So not only do you save a great deal of time, but you also save money which can be put towards your education. We are able to charge reasonable fees since we are an education provider and not just an agency. We don’t work off commission, and we’re not tied to any single institution, meaning we have no contracts or quotas to fill.

We are primarily an education provider, so your success is our main priority. Our advice and services are all guaranteed to secure you the right course, at the right medical university.


  • Our smart-service begins with a detailed consultation, either in person at our London office or via Skype Video Conference, where we can discuss all your options for studying Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Studies in 16 EU counties at over 40 Medical universities. You should allow two hours for this crucial first meeting
  • Because we work closely with the medical universities to ensure our pre-med course is a market-leader, all of our consultants are experts on these universities and will personally work with you to help you choose the ones that suit you best
  • Once you’ve selected the universities you’d like to to apply for (you can opt for up to six), we will prepare and submit your detailed admission application and make sure we’ve included all the necessary paperwork. We will even plan and organise the location for your crucial entrance exams (preferably in London where possible)
  • Once your place is secured at your chosen medical school we will find you accommodation in your new city, support your student visa application and all other necessary logistical details before your departure
  • When you arrive in your new city, an LMA representative will meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation. On the following day they will introduce you to your university campus and give you all the crucial information you will need, including a tour of the city
  • Your local LMA representative will support you during the whole of your medical studies and will be available for information, advice and support (in case of any admin / study issues) whenever you need it
  • After graduation our UK team will support you with the application and preperation for the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) which will test the core knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to practise safely in the UK. From 2023 anyone wishing to practice medicine in the UK will need to pass the MLA as part of their medical school degree (those who study in UK and/or abroad), before they can join the medical register with the General Medical Council (GMC)

Our smart-application management service

The process of completing your university application documentation can be stressful and overwhelming, but it needn’t be. Our team are experienced in supporting students in compiling excellent-quality application to the medical university of their choice, including translation, payments and submissions. This means that you can concentrate on preparing yourself for your medical studies, and start planning your life at university.


Our smart-relocation service

Moving overseas to study can be a daunting experience. By using our application management and relocation service, the London Medical Academy team can ensure that you feel settled in your new academic home. We can support you with services like journey planning, accommodation, meeting fellow students, dietary requirements, setting up internet and mobile services, and getting to know the local area.